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Dr. Theresa Wee’s Parenting and Wellness Tips

With forced shutdowns, Dr. Theresa Wee began to connect through social media with daily blogs. These blogs include practical advice on getting through tough times from her throughout her life, even after the unexpected death of her husband, Dr. Stephen Wee. In My Covid-19 Diary, Dr. Wee Shows you ways to keep moving forward, persevering, and even thriving with God by your side.


“I want to continue serving my patients and their families in the best way possible, yet also keep everyone in my office safe and healthy. I must keep the doors open, for as long as possible, but the bills keep coming and the revenues are going down.”

“My hope is that we all “hunker down,” as hard as this may be. This too shall pass and if we see little spread and no deaths in Hawaii, then we would have accomplished this goal of keeping the numbers of Covid-19 infections to a minimum.”

“I spent the day doing home chores in the morning, followed by thirty minutes of intense exercise via live video from my CrossFit Waipio Studio. I was so proud of myself for making great use of my time today.”

You and your family can get healthier and lose weight now!

Are you a full time parent who is overwhelmed, tired and working a full time job outside of the home? Does your entire family need help to become healthier? Are you overwhelmed by all the information out there but have no idea where to begin?

Mother and pediatrician Dr. Theresa Wee gets it. After raising her four children while working full time, she shares with you her tips, tricks and secrets she learned to keep her family in shape.

Dr. Wee’s unique family approach to achieving better health can help both you and your entire family. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and your journey can start here with her help and encouragement.


“As my practice grew over the years, I became acutely aware of how prevalent this feeling was of families losing control, gaining more weight and becoming more unhealthy. It was an unspoken, quiet desperation of hopelessness, and it felt like everyone in the family was destined for deteriorating health and family disconnectedness.”

“As parents, one of the greatest gifts we can bestow upon our children is the concept that they are valued in a loving family. Teach them self-control and respect for others. Model a devoted marriage so that they can choose their own partners based on this knowledge. This is how they grow into strong individuals ready to take on the challenges of adult life.”

“Your family is depending on you to lead the way. When you mess up, know that there is always another day to start all over. I can tell you from experience that your children will thank you later for setting boundaries, spending time talking to them and most of all, never giving up on them or yourself.”

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